What is Spiral Thinking?

Introducing the Spiral Experience

  • Spiral Thinking provides the methodology for companies and organizations to discover their greatest aspirations, innovate, solve problems and challenges in real time, and to realize their company‚Äôs true potential. It is a new process of ideation and problem solving that forms the framework to look at almost any challenge and construct a vision and action plan as a guide. It is perfectly suited to discovering the best and brightest ideas, mapping the course of the vision, designing the outcome, building the dream and living out the results.
  • Spiral Thinking is uniquely suited to the 21st century challenge of strategy, creativity and innovation for a world where ideas are the currency of the future.

How Spiraling Works

  • Spiral Thinking is a process designed to escape the patterns and rigors of our traditional learned linear thinking. Beginning at a boundless dreaming phase, steps of the Spiral Thinking process help sort, define, and implement the very best ideas and concepts...overcoming barriers and creating a plan of action for our dreams.

Want to learn how to Spiral Think?

Our Spiral 20/20 Interactive Thinking Guides will help you bring your greatest dreams and ideas to life. If you are interested in purchasing a Spiral 20/20 Thinking Guide, please visit us at www.Spiral2020.com.


Spiral Thinking can be used for a wide variety of applications:

  • discovery
  • enhanced learning
  • group and collaborative learning
  • strategizing
  • creative thinking
  • problem solving
  • brainstorming
  • innovating