The Spiral Experience Story

  • Ed and Dave Goodman are brothers who share innate creative talents and a zest for life. They share backgrounds in creative strategy, production, management and experience design, working with and for some of the world’s most creative companies such as The Walt Disney Company. Within the last few years their paths have crossed in both careers and passions, when their interests turned to exploring and researching the creative process.

  • They understood that a principal reason the top creative and innovative companies are so successful is because they think differently. So, together they developed a thinking process that synthesizes both their experiences and inventive thinking styles into one unique system... The Spiral Thinking Process...a simple yet incredibly effective way to discover life aspirations, innovate, solve problems and challenges, and live your best life.

  • The implications of the Spiral Thinking model are huge, because we are entering into an era where things are evolving at an unprecedented rate. We live in a time where ideas are the currency of the future and to be able to keep up with the rate of change, we have to be able to think differently. Spiral Thinking is the way to unlock anyone’s inner genius and build a path to their greatest aspirations.