Career and Talent Farming


Nourishing talents and developing careers should be an agricultural endeavor.

It certainly isn’t an industrial model where we create uniform job descriptions and prescriptive career paths based on longevity and formulaic education/experience elements. If you want to grow an individuals career, enhance their assets, ignite their passions and fully-utilize their skills, we need to cultivate. We need to add a little water, tend the soil, and even do a little pruning now and then, in order to create a bountiful result.

Human Resources department should become talent agencies.

The agricultural model is the new form for 21st century talent management and career development. Will human resource departments become talent agencies? Could new people operations departments spring up to help organizations thrive by developing and nurturing their people talents, skills and passions?

Employees and team members needs a process for growth.

A Career On Purpose process that reflects this new, aligned growth path could certainly help. If every employee or team member had a process to help them discover their passions and talents, align them with the organization’s goals and then chart a spiral path to a more fulfilling and energizing career path, we’d have higher performing and happier companies.

We would have a team of people that are aligned with a collective vision and are encouraged to become their best selves in the process. People are organic. People are not simply a human resource to be employed as an FTE. The old industrial model won’t fly in this new century and with this new workforce. Its time for meaning, purpose and optimism to reenergize the workplace and the people that are the true assets.


Check out our Spiral 20/20 Career on Purpose program. Career on Purpose is a digital career planning and professional development toolkit for individuals seeking to accelerate their career path and fulfill their professional dreams and goals within a company or organization.


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