What’s Wrong With Happiness?

dreamstime_xxl_29639100wWhy is happiness a bad word in business?

What’s wrong with business and career being intentionally focused on happiness? Is happiness just too fluffy, too much fun, too difficult to measure to be a real thing that warrants focus?

The country of Bhutan would beg to differ with that opinion. In Bhutan, they don’t focus on Gross Domestic Product as a vital index, they instead focus on a Happiness Index. Bhutan monitors the happiness of its people as a measure of success. This emphasis makes it one of the happiest countries in the world, despite the fact that Bhutan is low on the totem pole of economic wealth.

Maybe we have it all wrong… or at least maybe we should try thinking more about happiness.

When people are happy, they are healthy, they are productive, they are helpful, joyous, relaxed, less anxious, less tense….. hmmm?

Some companies are thinking more about happiness. Disney has built an empire on happiness that makes it one of the world’s most recognized and successful brands…. hmmm?

Happiness and experiences might be the future after all.



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